Thinker's Playground (page 3)

Exploring how culture influences the individual

How To Memorise Pi to 30 Decimal Places

Learn to memorise Pi to 30 decimal places or more

The Peg System of mnemonics

Learn the Peg System: A simple mnemonic device for memorising huge lists

Memory, association, and the link system

Learn the link system: A mnemonic device for memorising lists

How to develop a super-power memory

Introduction to the mnemonic devices and tricks that can help you develop an excellent memory

Cultivating mindsets

Why repetition is so important

Climbing up the idea pyramid

For ideas to work, they need to be worked with

How meditation can physically change your brain

New discoveries in the science of meditation

How to meditate

What is Kaizen?

The philosophy of continuous, incremental progress

The man who lost his soul

Is there really such a thing as the immortal soul?