Thinker's Playground (page 2)

Exploring how culture influences the individual

Understanding my bioenergetic self

A reading list of books understanding ideas of Dr. Ray Peat and others

For those with nothing to hide

Mass government surveillance is something we should all worry about

Authoritarianism and the Individual

The struggle for power between individual will and authority

The one person you should write for

A simple trick to find your writing voice

Duelling crickets, Copernicus, and self actualisation

Successful people aren't born that way, they learn it

The power of space

Lessons in humanity from Viktor Frankl

Powerful lessons in humanity from a holocaust survivor

How to keep your New Year's resolution

Making positive habit changes that stick

How to learn a new language, quickly

Simple techniques for learning a new language quickly

How to memorise a shuffled deck of cards in order

Learn how to read and memorise a shuffled deck of cards