For those with nothing to hide

Why mass government surveillance is something all of us should be worried about

The man who lost his soul

Spirituality and the notion of the Soul are ubiquitous throughout human culture. All through human history, in every corner of the world, we can find examples of belief systems based on an eternal soul and an afterlife. But as we look closer and begin to unpack the ambiguity and dissimilarity between different beliefs, it becomes increasingly difficult to work out what the soul is, what it does, and whether it even exists at all.

Reclaiming balance: Conflict and Leisure

It’s amazing what can happen in a moment of silence, a moment of solitude, a moment of reflection. To revel in the sheer awe of our ability to be conscious beings with a sense of self-awareness unparalleled on this planet, sentience.

Yet, over the duration of our lives, we are taught to occupy our cognitive capacities with external items. This is done at an increasingly exponential rate as our lives progress, making us divisive individuals and as such increasingly isolated from our ability to forge our own awareness.

Authoritarianism and the Individual

Authority is a necessary part of human society. But for some people, authority goes beyond the reasonable role of maintaining order, and becomes a controlling and eroding force, hampering personal development.

The one person you should write for

One of the most common problems new writers struggle with when they start to write is finding their own voice.

In this post, I'll share a "hack" that I've been using to help find my voice, overcome writer's block, and be more pro-active with my writing.

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